Regatta Management is providing great resource for sailing event. You got the tools to manage your regattas, promotes your organisation and offer ranking/seeding to your sailors world wide.

Tools for managing sailing regattas, organisation sailor ranking/seeding.


15 Most Active Team
Dafna Brown (16 Events)
Herb James (16 Events)
Nancy Kornblum (16 Events)
Greg Raybon (15 Events)
Mark Modderman (15 Events)
Carol McVeigh (14 Events)
Sharon James (14 Events)
Blair Wallace (13 Events)
Kenneth Hilk (13 Events)
Rich McVeigh (13 Events)
Sheila Holmes (13 Events)
Jim Glanden (12 Events)
Mark Ralph (12 Events)
William Jeffers (12 Events)
0 Most Attended Event
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